Modena Harley

A hard wearing textured plain weave in over 30 colours 100% Polyester Chenille. Suitable for contract use.

Harley-col-10-stone-mink-fr Harley Stone Mink
Harley-col-12-grey-fr Harley Grey
Harley-col-17-black-fr Harley Black
Harley-col-20-duck-egg-fr Harley Duck Egg
Harley-col-21-brick-fr Harley Brick
Harley-col-22-charcoal-fr Harley Charcoal
Harley-col-24-purple-fr Harley Purple
Harley-col-25-light-brown-fr Harley Light Brown
Harley-col-26-white-fr Harley White
Harley-col-27-dark-brown-fr Harley Dark Brown
Harley-col-29-sky-fr Harley Sky
Harley-col-31-green-fr Harley Green
Harley-col-32-slate-fr Harley Slate
Harley-col-40-ivory-fr Harley Ivory
Harley-col-41-cream-fr Harley Cream
Harley-col-42-light-grey-fr Harley Light Grey
Harley-col-43-taupe-fr Harley Taupe
Harley-col-44-hessian-fr Harley Hessian
Harley-col-45-beige-fr Harley Beige
Harley-col-46-clay-fr Harley Clay
Harley-col-48-lavender-fr Harley Lavender
Harley-col-49-anthracite-fr Harley Antracite
Harley-col-50-storm-fr Harley Storm
Harley-col-51-latte-fr Harley Latte
Harley-col-53-hazelnut-fr Harley Hazlenut
Harley-col-54-mocha-fr Harley Mocha
Harley-col-55-wheat-fr Harley Wheat
Harley-col-56-aubergine-fr Harley Aubergine
Harley-col-57-lime-fr Harley Lime
Harley-col-58-plum-fr Harley Plum
Harley-col-59-red-fr Harley Red
Harley-col-60-hot-pink-fr Harley Hot Pink
Harley-col-61-aqua-fr Harley Aqua
Harley-col-62-gold-fr Harley Gold
Harley-col-63-chocolate-fr Harley Chocolate

Modena Velvet

A stunning soft to touch faux velvet with colours ranging from neutrals to vibrant bright’s 100% Polyester. Stain repellent, suitable for contract use.

Modena-col-13093-natural-fr Modena Velvet Natural
Modena-col-13094-stone-fr Modena Velvet Stone
Modena-col-13095-beige-fr Modena Velvet Beige
Modena-col-13096-sable-fr Modena Velvet Sable
Modena-col-13097-storm-fr Modena Velvet Storm
Modena-col-13098-mink-fr Modena Velvet Mink
Modena-col-13099-khaki-fr Modena Velvet Khaki
Modena-col-13100-chocolate-fr Modena Velvet Chocolate
Modena-col-13101-brown-fr Modena Velvet Brown
Modena-col-13102-dark-chocolate-fr Modena Velvet Dark Chocolate
Modena-col-13105-terracotta-fr Modena Velvet Terracotta
Modena-col-13106-orange-fr Modena Velvet Orange
Modena-col-13107-bordeaux-fr Modena Velvet Bordeaux
Modena-col-13108-wine-fr Modena Velvet Wine
Modena-col-13109-pillarbox-red-fr Modena Velvet Pillarbox Red
Modena-col-13110-rose-fr Modena Velvet Rose
Modena-col-13111-fuchsia-fr Modena Velvet Fuchsia
Modena-col-13112-mauve-fr Modena Velvet Mauve
Modena-col-13113-aubergine-fr Modena Velvet Aubergine
Modena-col-13116-prussian-blue-fr Modena Velvet Prussian Blue
Modena-col-13117-delft-blue-fr Modena Velvet Delft Blue
Modena-col-13118-latte-fr Modena Velvet Latte
Modena-col-13119-grey-fr Modena Velvet Grey
Modena-col-13121-pistachio-fr Modena Velvet Pistachio
Modena-col-13122-lime-fr Modena Velvet Lime
Modena-col-13124-slate-fr Modena Velvet Slate
Modena-col-13125-silver-fr Modena Velvet Silver
Modena-col-13126-steel-fr Modena Velvet Steel
Modena-col-13127-anthracite-fr Modena Velvet Anthracite
Modena-col-13128-black-fr Modena Velvet Black
Modena-col-13333-spice-fr Modena Velvet Spice
Modena-col-13911-cloud-fr Modena Velvet Cloud
Modena-col-13913-ivory-fr Modena Velvet Ivory
Modena-col-13914-snow-fr Modena Velvet Snow
Modena-col-13915-almond-fr Modena Velvet Almond
Modena-col-13916-oyster-fr Modena Velvet Oyster
Modena-col-13917-camel-fr Modena Velvet Camel
Modena-col-13918-hessian-fr Modena Velvet Hessian
Modena-col-13919-wicker-fr Modena Velvet Wicker
Modena-col-13920-pebble-fr Modena Velvet Pebble
Modena-col-13921-sand-fr Modena Velvet Sand
Modena-col-13922-taupe-fr Modena Velvet Taupe
Modena-col-13923-shadow-fr Modena Velvet Shadow
Modena-col-13924-mushroom-fr Modena Velvet Mushroom
Modena-col-13925-truffle-fr Modena Velvet Truffle
Modena-col-13926-chestnut-fr Modena Velvet Chestnut
Modena-col-13927-iron-fr Modena Velvet Iron
Modena-col-13928-smoke-fr Modena Velvet Smoke
Modena-col-13929-lavender-fr Modena Velvet Lavender
Modena-col-13930-violet-fr Modena Velvet Violet
Modena-col-13931-heather-fr Modena Velvet Heather
Modena-col-13988-pearl-fr Modena Velvet Pearl
Modena-col-13989-chrome-fr Modena Velvet Chrome
Modena-col-13990-calico-fr Modena Velvet Calico
Modena-col-13991-apple-fr Modena Velvet Apple
Modena-col-13992-mustard-fr Modena Velvet Mustard
Modena-col-13993-gold-fr Modena Velvet Gold
Modena-col-13994-brass-fr Modena Velvet Brass
Modena-col-13995-lilac-fr Modena Velvet Lilac
Modena-col-13996-midnight-fr Modena Velevt Midnight

Agua Faux Leather

Three luxurious faux leathers, Paint Pot for eye popping colour, Taurus for the more authentic leather look and Ocular for a stunning wood effect

Crib 5. Water resistant. Hard wearing, suitable for contract use.

Paint-pot-azure Agua Paint Pot Azure
Paint-pot-beige Agua Paint Pot Beige
Paint-pot-black Agua Paint Pot Black
Paint-pot-blue Agua Paint Pot Blue
Paint-pot-brown Agua Paint Pot Brown
Paint-pot-chestnut Agua Paint Pot Browm
Paint-pot-ivory Agua Paint Pot Ivory
Paint-pot-lime Agua Paint Pot Lime
Paint-pot-orange Agua Paint Pot Orange
Paint-pot-pink Agua Paint Pot Pink
Paint-pot-purple Agua Paint Pot Purple
Paint-pot-rose Agua Paint Pot Rose
Paint-pot-royal Agua Paint Pot Royal
Paint-pot-scarlet Agua Paint Pot Scarlet
Paint-pot-yellow Agua Paint Pot Yellow
Taurus-bark Agua Taurus Bark
Taurus-black Agua Taurus Black
Taurus-bramble Agua Taurus Bramble
Taurus-brick Agua Taurus Brick
Taurus-caramel Agua Taurus Camel
Taurus-carmine Agua Taurus Carmine
Taurus-chilli Agua Taurus Chilli
Taurus-chocolate Agua Taurus Chocolate
Taurus-citrus Agua Taurus Citrus
Taurus-cocoa Agua Taurus Cocoa
Taurus-conifer Agua Taurus Conifer
Taurus-cream Agua Taurus Cream
Taurus-damson Agua Taurus Damson
Taurus-ensign Agua Taurus Ensign
Taurus-fennel Agua Taurus Fennel
Taurus-fudge Agua Taurus Fudge
Taurus-heather Agua Taurus Heather
Taurus-latte Agua Taurus Latte
Taurus-lilac Agua Taurus Lilac
Taurus-midnight Agua Taurus Midnight
Taurus-mocha Agua Taurus Mocha
Taurus-mushroom Agua Taurus Mushroom
Taurus-ocean Agua Taurus Ocean
Taurus-ox Agua Taurus Ox
Taurus-parchment Agua Taurus Parchment
Taurus-pebble Agua Taurus Pebble
Taurus-plum Agua Taurus Plum
Taurus-polar Agua Taurus Polar
Taurus-rosewood Agua Taurus Rosewood
Taurus-saddle Agua Taurus Saddle
Taurus-slate Agua Taurus Slate
Taurus-spice Agua Taurus Spice
Taurus-tan Agua Taurus Tan
Taurus-taupe Agua Taurus Taupe
Taurus-toffee Agua Taurus Toffee
Taurus-wedgwood Agua Taurus Wedgwood
Ocular-bark Agua Ocular Bark
Ocular-ebony Agua Ocular Ebony
Ocular-iroko Agua Ocular Iroko
Ocular-knotty-cherry Agua Ocular Knotty Cherry
Ocular-knotty-driftwood Agua Ocular Knotty Driftwood
Ocular-knotty-walnut Agua Ocular Knotty Walnut
Ocular-maple Agua Ocular Maple